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Born in Italy

I fell in love with this creation  by the very first time I saw the “Miss Sicily video” by Dolce & Gabbana in which the bag comes to life by human hands . Yes , Miss Sicily is her name and she’s officially in the list with the most desirable bags in the world . The Italian luxury house redesigns this bag every season and the result depends on each season’s theme/trend . We have seen her in floral , knitted ,cut outs , fur , straw , embroider and some many other versions .

For me this bag is iconic and it is  the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear Dolce & Gabbana . The bag is handmade of leather , and that is the reason why every Miss Sicily is a unique creation  . When an item is made by hand, it can’t be the same with no one else . The hardware is golden and it looks so precious as it was real gold . But what is that really makes  Miss Sicily to stand out ?

She  has nothing in common with other legendary it-bags . Think about Birkins , Chanel flap bags , Lady Dior they are completely different . Miss Sicily’s structure is unique  and she has only one delicate handle   , it is an ‘Italian chic’  . The lining is the classic leopard print which Stefano and Domenico love and maintain through the years as a symbol of the brand . Another surprise is waiting for  you as you open the bag  , a small round mirror to see how fabulous your are every single day !  Also the way the seams are made gives you the  feeling of  the sound of the sewing machine. Every detail of this bag tells you  the story of her making process.

In every fashion week that bag is not only part of the runway  but she also sits in the front row . A great investment for you , especially if your “it-bag budget” is up to 1000 euros  ! Now where to find it ? You can run to your nearest Dolce & Gabbana boutique , but if you are more patient you may find that bag in big online-stores such as Luisa Via Roma or Net a Porter .Now let me give you an advice , you can purchase the bag  with  a 20 % discount from the original price at sales period (online again). So ,I guess what’s next for your bag collection !!!! 😉

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