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Florals everywhere

It’s a fact that next to the newtrals and all that dark colors obsession a new trend is rising , the Florals !!! The last coulpe of years huge designer houses like Givenchy and Gucci have launched some super cool Floral patterns on their men’s runways . It is a huge obsession all around the globe and all the “street-stylers” have already tried this new trend .

All these new patterns and lines are to-die-for and they are actually so flattering . I’ve spent ours on my pc looking all the FW street style photos of men wearing these florals and I am officially obsessed with  them !!

I know that you may have never thought of yourslves in a red suit full of hydrangeas (me neither ) but I suggest you to start now as I will too !! 

Personaly  I have not tried this amazing style yet , cause I believe it wouldn’t be the ideal look for me , but I believe I will find some treasure during my trips that’ll fit me !! And be sure that I will definitely share it with all of you guys .

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