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Ashley on the rocks

Ashley Graham is a model but above all she is a true inspiration for all women. Ashley is a woman who loved herself for being her , one of those women who look in their mirror and actually like their figure. Everybody has been talking about self confidence and loving yourself for years  , but are they strong enough to make it happen ??

2016 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Graydon Carter - Arrivals


As I said her name is Ashley Graham and she is a model , a healthy , beautiful and happy woman . She is the first curvy model featuring in the Sports Illustrated . When she started the whole agent community told her that she won’t succeed in this size and that she had to loose weight if  she wanted to be a supermodel .  Most of us would die with unhealthy diets and exhausting  exercise but Ashley believed in herself . She is beautiful and happy with her size and that is something to admire.

The ex-model Cheryl Tiegs  said that Ashley has a beautiful face but she is not healthy ! So what is healthy anyways ,  an anorexic model ?? Am I healthy or not  ? I believe that being healthy or unhealthy  is so much more than a little belly or some fat on your hips , it is more about your whole lifestyle . What you eat and drink ,  exercise , smoking , your sleeping time and so much more are the things that make you healthy or the opposite .

So yeah we love Ashley as she is and the point is to love ourselves as they are and always live in a healthy way . The truth is that ,when you feel beautiful , you look beautiful too . And what I really want to highlight is that the point is not to reverse our aspiration in life and our role models from skinny to curvy but not to be racists and classify people by pounds or kilos !!


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