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Why I will never wear a swimsuit without tailoring

Forget the bikinis , this year you have to buy the one piece swimwear which is budget friendly and stylish . My advice for you is to get tanned first with a tinny bikini and then wear your most stylish swimsuit for that special pool party !

Bikini is not a trend for this year’s summer , but first of all we have to think of  what is more friendly to our body types right ? Most women believe that an one-piece swimsuit is more appropriate for a curvy body , in my opinion this is the worst point of view about swimwear and body types ! One-piece swimsuits are difficult to look beautiful and sexy on women with curves .

Problem No 1 : If you just put on a swimsuit , from Zara for example,  probably your legs will look so short that you will go to blame your whole family for your height genes ! But wait this is not your fault , we cannot have a custom made piece of swimwear every summer  !    SOLUTION : Lift the bottom at the two sides above your waist , that will make your legs look soon long !

Problem No 2 : Your waist will just disappear ! The juicy girls must buy a bigger size of swimsuit so it fits their juicy butt , but what about the waist ? A big size is not big only at the bottom but at the waist too . SOLUTION : Go to your tailor to narrow the waist . And voila , your figure is back !

So if you want to follow this season’s  swim -trend you have to visit to your tailor  ASAP!!

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