About us

We are Kiki and Tarik and we are absolutely addicted to this sparkling world which is called fashion. Fashion is not just a gorgeous It bag ,it’s also style , inspiration and all your vibes . Through our blog you will discover our every day street style , some tips to look fabulous every day. We love to travel and get inspired every single day . Don’t wait for the  runway to get into fashion just read ” thecolumnborators ” and be always in fashion .
About Kiki

Hey I am Kiki . I am a shoeholic brunette full of curves ,so girls we have so many things to discuss together. Fashion and beauty tips from a “real” girl. My favorite designers are Dolce&Gabbana!!

About Tarik

I have three loves in my life : styling , Vogue , Kiki. I am  addicted to traveling  and different cultures. Everything vintage is in my personal collection. I get inspired from every single person I meet in the streets and I adore Givenchy .

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