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MET 2016/ Best

“Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology” , many of the attendees stayed true to this year’s dress-code , but that did not really help us find the best dressed ladies of the night ! So some of them were not so relevant but they were for sure more elegant that the others !! Take a look :


 Stay tuned guys , it’s only 20 days to go , so get ready and prepare your credit cards !!! Once more Vogue is doing the one-night-only shopping night and you need only to know that it is budget friendly . It is an event where you can get great deals and discounts only by shopping online. And I mean what’s better than online shopping  right ??!!!             Vogue Online Shopping Night will be held on May 11, 2016 from 12pm – 12am. You can see all the retailers here . The event will strike again in October . Sooooo keep up if you want the best CAMILLA kaftan for your summer vacation !!!!!!!!!!!     LOVE YOU AND WISH YOU THE BEST ONLINE SHOPPING ❤ ❤

Why I will never wear a swimsuit without tailoring

Forget the bikinis , this year you have to buy the one piece swimwear which is budget friendly and stylish . My advice for you is to get tanned first with a tinny bikini and then wear your most stylish swimsuit for that special pool party ! Bikini is not a trend for this year’s summer , but first of all we have to think of  what is more friendly to our body types right ? Most women believe that an one-piece swimsuit is more appropriate for a curvy body , in my opinion this is the worst point of view about swimwear and body types ! One-piece swimsuits are difficult to look beautiful and sexy on women with curves . Problem No 1 : If you just put on a swimsuit , from Zara for example,  probably your legs will look so short that you will go to blame your whole family for your height genes ! But wait this is not your fault , we cannot have a custom made piece of swimwear every summer …


  During  summer you don’t need a lot of foundation or  blushes  , you just need a good bronzer and the perfect lipstick  . But what makes a lipstick perfect anyway ? Is it  the color , the texture or the box ? Well these too ,but the most important thing to do before you buy a lipstick is to try it on and see if it looks good with your hair and eye’s color ! Here I have  a list with the hottest lipsticks for this season !!   BEFORE YOU TRY ANY OF THESE PRODUCTS , DON’T FORGET TO : EXFOLIATE ( if you don’t have a lip scrub ,use a little bit of honey and  sugar and you make your own lip scrub ! ) MOISTURISE   (a lip balm would make your lips look softer !)  


The past years the ultimate summer shoe was the sandal , but this year the trend has changed . This summer your best friend will be your wedges . Oh yeah the comfortable shoe is back and this time is not only about comfort anymore ,it is about design and fashion too . Now here is a small guide to wear your wedges with a stylish way . DON’T/DO -Avoid to wear them with a short A-line skirt /Wear them with a denim pencil skirt . -The low-heel wedges are your enemy  / The higher-heel wedges you wear the better your body will look . – Never cover the whole leg if you wear a pair of wedges  , for example wearing a pair of long skinny jeans and wedges is totally wrong / Show a little bit of skin always ! -Never wear a bodycon dress with a pair of wedges / Prefer a more bohemian kind of dress and you can always put a belt to show off your  waist. Note these rules …

Boots n’ Stripes

I found this amazing structured sweater at the sale racks of H&M and I just could’t resist not only it’s beauty , but it’s price too!!! I mean it was more than 50% reduced , who wouldn’t  ? And in the end these sweaters save us at those difficult days when you don’t feel like wearing any shirt or it’s too cold for a T-shirt and you just  want to wear a cozy one-piece to go . So go do your research at the stores and grab some beautiful sweaters and jumpers to give your looks simplicity and some attitude !! 

My dreamy shoes turned into a nightmare

Every girl has been dreaming  at least one pair of shoe in her life , oh yes that special pair that you will save money at least for 3 months to buy it . So as for me , I had that dreamy pair of pumps in my mind until the day I tried them on  . It might be a little scenic , but those shoes are the Manolo blue satin pumps with the gorgeous embellished  buckle . A beautiful pair that  I ‘ve been in love with since Carrie Bradshaw wore it at her wedding. But unfortunately some dreams not only don’t come true but they become nightmares . My story began in Paris at the Printemps Haussman  when I was walking in the shoe department , as I always do in the multi-brand stores ,and I saw them , blue and perfect . I thought that was my moment so I asked the lady at the Manolo section to bring my size . I waited for about 10 minutes but I wanted them so badly that nothing could stop me , not even …


An amazing collection is coming in the 7th of April from H&M of course !! It is all about art and haute couture and it combines history and  modernism . The launch of the collection is set to coincide with the Fashion Forward – 300 years of Fashion exhibition at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs .The dresses turn into pieces of art and the  best paintings of the last three centuries become patterns .New and innovative materials are used for this collection such as sequins and  strass made of recycled glass and Denimite , also bio-satin  and cannabis and recycled linen . The collection will be available in 180 stores worldwide and online , DON’T MISS IT !!!


Today is the day for braids girls!! An easy hairstyle ,to upgrade your look and your own personal style . So in this look you can see the classic Kiki with a pencil skirt and a turtleneck cropped  top , of course with a pair of fabulous blue sandals by Zara . I think those amazing sandals are still available on Zara , so if you love bold shoes hurry up !!!

SOS : first date what to wear ??!!

Warning girls in your first date or first impression , as I use to call it , this is the most important day of your future relationship . In this case do not panic you have to look stunning  that night  and that’s more than possible . Let’s get started , the first thing we all have been questioning our selves is “should I look sexy or keep it basic” , we don’t want him to think “she is a slut” or “she is a nun” !!  So just remain calm and try to remember what the  date was . Is it for dinner  or is it for drinks or what is it ? You have to choose your outfit according to the occasion and your personal style of course . The two most common scenarios for a first date is either  Dinner or  Movies, so let’s talk about the best outfit for both of them  . The Dinner-Drinks : That type of first date takes place between 8 -11 p.m and according to the statistics  it is a  semi …