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Boots n’ Stripes

I found this amazing structured sweater at the sale racks of H&M and I just could’t resist not only it’s beauty , but it’s price too!!! I mean it was more than 50% reduced , who wouldn’t  ? And in the end these sweaters save us at those difficult days when you don’t feel like wearing any shirt or it’s too cold for a T-shirt and you just  want to wear a cozy one-piece to go . So go do your research at the stores and grab some beautiful sweaters and jumpers to give your looks simplicity and some attitude !! 


  This time I decide to present you the most powerful item of my closet , my wool blend  coat by H&M . These coats are a huge trend and a really  stylish choice for a quick look . In this outfit I am wearing this coat with an H&M light green satin kind of bomber jacket , a simple white T-shirt , black pants and a pair of mazing  vintage brogues I bought from a vintage store in Rome  . I believe that wearing two jackets is so hot and you should definitely  try it , but be careful never wear two jackets with the same length or two ”bombers” , because you are going to look huge ! 

Florals everywhere

It’s a fact that next to the newtrals and all that dark colors obsession a new trend is rising , the Florals !!! The last coulpe of years huge designer houses like Givenchy and Gucci have launched some super cool Floral patterns on their men’s runways . It is a huge obsession all around the globe and all the “street-stylers” have already tried this new trend . All these new patterns and lines are to-die-for and they are actually so flattering . I’ve spent ours on my pc looking all the FW street style photos of men wearing these florals and I am officially obsessed with  them !! I know that you may have never thought of yourslves in a red suit full of hydrangeas (me neither ) but I suggest you to start now as I will too !!  Personaly  I have not tried this amazing style yet , cause I believe it wouldn’t be the ideal look for me , but I believe I will find some treasure during my trips that’ll fit me !! …

Twisted denim/*

Denim on denim with a classic pair of Adidas superstars and a huge tartan scarf , that was my look for today !! I rarely do that denim kind of pijama look  but , when I do it , I really enjoy it. You shouldn’t hesitate to wear a total denim outfit from time to time . Yes it could look like a uniform but who cares , if you like it then it’s just fine . I just recommend you to wear a loose total denim look and better not to choose skinny jeans and a slim-fit shirt , of course that may looks better on you so never say never ! As for the scarf , I know it’s been a huge trend to wear oversized  scarfs and ponchos  for quite a while but I was not so into it until today when I found this beautiful tartan scarf in my bedroom …. my girlfriend baught it from Zara and I kind of stole it 😉

On suede

Suede, we may call this material the it-material as it’s been a huge trend for a couple of years now .We have seen not only suede shoes and  bags but aso  jackets , hats and even skirts and dresses !! And that’s not for nothing , it really looks good  and it can take  your look  to a  whole new level . Suede looks  classic but so modern at the same time. Wearing accesories and clothes in suede is so elegant and classy . So yeah suede is f***ng awsome !! Now let me tell you about my “suede wishlist”and purchases. In the first picture ,that you have already seen, there is  my beautiful pair of suede ankle boots from the BALMAIN X H&M collection I gave a real fight to buy them , but they totally worth it . As for the picture below , you see the most wonderfull piece from H&M Studio s/s2016 collection , a great mustard suede jacket which is perfect for that late night breeze in summer !! I could die to buy this one and you can …

Street …watever

    It’s a fact that I’m in love with this denim jacket and I often wear it with many different outfits !! It’s perhaps the piece I would save from my closet in case of an emergency. So definitely buy a denim jacket when you know this is ‘the one’ !! Believe me it is a ‘jackpot’ and you can style it with a dozen of different looks and even wear it just with a total-black and still look great .              In this look I am wearing my favorite vintage denim jacket , my classic Timberland boots and a Bershka pair of pants in grey (Which I believe is still available ) . Oh and just a plain blue sweater . STAY TUNED FOR MORE LOOKS AND INSPO !!!!!!!!!  

“the street-bomber “

I believe you all have seen all the differnet styles and colors of bomber jackets on the Media … well yes it’s true , these are the latest must-have in both women’s and men’s closets . This kind of jacket could really elevate your street-style and even a formal occasion look  !!! So don’t hesitate at all and go buy one  …. I have about five of them in my closet and I really didn’t regret buying anyone ! Now let me show you some links to find the coolest bomber jackets in affordable prices online :   *topman-Nordstrom                                   *H&M *Boohoo                                                            *Asos   In this outfit I am wearing a really warm vintage bomber jacket H&M knited jumper (similar : Asos ) Bershka pants (find it here : here ) Adidas superstar shoes (find them: here ) H&M sunglasses …


The  “ToDoList” for the HMbalmaination didn’t go so well for me , although I was at the v.i.p event , but I managed to get my most desirable piece from the whole collection , the black and white sweater with the BALMAIN silver buttons !!!!!! It so amazing , you can wear it with jeans , sweatpants , shorts etc. I love it and I actually loved it from the very first moment I saw it online ! This is the piece I purchased from the collection  , but , thanks to H&M and the crew,  I have one more  little exclusive treat . When I was leaving the store , a lady gave me a little beautiful bag (that was offered only to the press) and so I now have the perfect HMBALMAIN beany in blue  !!                    I styled the sweater with a pair of black rip jeans ( find one here  ), a white tank top ( fine one here  ) and Adidas superstar sneakers …

The Urban 

This look is all about the urban feeling and the need to feel comfortable and wear a practical outfit during a busy day in the city ! So when you really have a lot to do and a lot of places to go to ,but at the same time you wanna have a cool look with ” a little something ” , this is a look that suits you ( talking about summertime) . Anyways, the longline t-shirt I’m wearing is by H&M ( similar : ) , my shorts are Nike ( similar : , Timberland boots ( buy them here : , vintage bandana ( you may also like : American Eagle  ) and Alexander Wang X H&M backpack ( similar : ) + RayBan shades : similar => HOPE YOU LIKED IT STAY TUNED FOR MORE STREETSTYLE 😉😜

Vintage Look

I am pretty sure that most of you have one or more denim jackets in your wardrobe , but, if don’t own one yet , just go and make that classic purchase !! Use your denim jacket for casual or even more formal outfits , as it goes with everything , and lift your look by adding an urban – yet stylish piece !  Every piece of my look in this picture is vintage  , cause I can be crazy for vintage clothes and accessories. I have found myself stealing my grandfather’s old suits and trench-coats for many many times in  my life and cannot resist sneaking in any cute little vintage store in the neighborhood to find some cool pieces for my collection .  So this is what I ended up with by using my classic denim jacket , a pair of vintage rayban-style sunglasses and a literally ripped ,wool  and probably 20 years old turtleneck . If vintage clothes is your passion you just need a denim jacket to style them up and style …