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Ashley on the rocks

Ashley Graham is a model but above all she is a true inspiration for all women. Ashley is a woman who loved herself for being her , one of those women who look in their mirror and actually like their figure. Everybody has been talking about self confidence and loving yourself for years  , but are they strong enough to make it happen ??   As I said her name is Ashley Graham and she is a model , a healthy , beautiful and happy woman . She is the first curvy model featuring in the Sports Illustrated . When she started the whole agent community told her that she won’t succeed in this size and that she had to loose weight if  she wanted to be a supermodel .  Most of us would die with unhealthy diets and exhausting  exercise but Ashley believed in herself . She is beautiful and happy with her size and that is something to admire. The ex-model Cheryl Tiegs  said that Ashley has a beautiful face but she is not healthy ! So what is …

The man in the cloak 

The other day , while I  was scrolling the search page on Instagram  , I saw a photo of a man with an “Albus Dumbledore kind of beard “wearing a huge blanket and a lot of jewelry going on !!! Of course I went directly to his profile and it was amazing , this man had such an attitude , a unique sense of style . All these bohemian and vintage vibes made me watch almost all of his pictures .     At some point I understood that all  the stunning blankets and cloaks he was wearing were actually his own creations and that made me even more interested in finding out who was that man ! I mean of course I already knew his name from Instagram and it was Angelo Gallamini , but I wanted to know more about who he was and what he was doing . After a little research on the web I didn’t really find a lot but some information about him .     So Angelo Gallamini is an …

Anyone.. COOKIES?

Taraji P. Henson a 45 years old gorgeous American actress and singer .Taraji is another social media queen with her 6,5 millions followers on instagram.At this year’s Golden Globe Awards Taraji won the golden globe as ‘the best actress in television series’ , for her role as Cookie Lyon on ‘Empire’ . “Cookies for everyone tonight – my treat,” said Henson while accepting the award.   “Who knew playing an ex-convict would take me all around the globe?” Now what about Cookie’s style? Cookie is a very exuberant woman with a keen charactere , so in her looks you will see a lot of fur , animal prints , bright colors  and long nails . Favorite brand : MOSCHINO .Yeah that’s Cookieee !!     Lets see her best looks !   The best for the end! Cookie rocks this red , leather Moschino suit ! Jeremy Scott you found a new muse !

A tribute to Linda Evangelista

The icon officially turned 50!!! Linda Evangelista , born in Canada by Italian parents , is one of the most “expensive” models in the world. The supermodel counts miles on the runways for more than 20 years. Linda with her very best friend Naomi Campell were the 90’s stars of the fashion shows , we could even say that models were more famous thanstars that decade !! We will never forget the ultimate quote “We don’t wake up for less than $10000 a day ” which Linda had said about herself  and  another supermodel , Christy Turlington. Linda had make a lot of Vogue cover shoots and had been the Face of a lot of fashion and beauty companies such as Chanel and L’Oreal Paris. Who says that “50” and “being gorgeous” are two different things? She is 50 and she still looks hot! Let’s pray Ladies that when we turn 50 we will be such beautiful as Linda is  right now !