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The Denim it-bag 

Denim is a really hot trend right now and the Chanel flap bag is a legend . So what comes from this  combination….. I believe the perfect handbag  . A lot of luxury brands have launched their “precious” it bags in  denim and others have launched even entire collections based on  denim . A recent example is Jeremy Scott’s fabulous denim collection  for Moschino , his designs were all about denim and gold . Anyways denim absolutely can make a statement  !!

But, I know that  buiyng new pieces from every runway show is a little hard for our wallet . So  , to make it clear , it’s wiser to buy classics but with a trendy flair ….

My sin  is a Denim CHANEL double flap bag

This bag has three compartments separated by the second flap of the bag . The main  compartment contains two pockets and the bag has other two zipped compartments , one inside and one at the back side of the bag .

This bag is classic and fashionable at the same time and it is a great investment for an  it girl like you 💗💕 !

A great place to find bags like this , except for the CHANEL boutique ,  is this cool store the Amore Boutique  in Tokyo . Check their    INSTAGRAM  page and find your dreamy bag  .


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